Kate Brown-Wing, an artist and illustrator since 1986, is a seasoned professional. Her start in the field of Illustration began at the Harvard Museum of Natural History- specifically the Museum of Comparative Zoology, where she worked as a curatorial assistant and then as a freelance illustrator. Her work at the Museum served as a wonderful foundation in biological science and provided the opportunity to work with world-renowned scientists.

Brown-Wing has offered art classes since 1988. Teaching for museum public programs, organizations and offering private classes and workshops at the Brown-Wing Art Studios. With a passion for teaching art methods and mediums and encouraging each student to gain the confidence to express themselves creatively.

Brown-Wing combines demonstrations of methods, mediums and art making techniques with practical, accessable lessons. Her classes and workshops are enjoyable, educational and engaging. Classes range from introductory foundational artistic skills, multiple techniques and mediums to beginners through to ‘master’ class intensive workshops.

Brown-Wing is at ease presenting to a diverse groups of people with variable ages and skill levels (5 years of age to elders into their 80’s).