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The Chimp Project

A week long summer camp for kids ages 6-14. We had a fun time creating these chimps, and the kids left with great pride toting their life size primates.

Drawing & Painting Orchids

For this 6 session class, general intro class, we met at a local greenhouse for direct observation and study for the session. The orchids proved great models as they are slow growing, and for the most part happy to sit still for adoration.

The Artful Naturalists at work/play

These kids are in the lab room at the HMNH Museum. Kids range from 7-12 for this week long camp. In this session they are learning about exoskeletons.

Interns at work

The interns learned about cooperative works and working to scale with this project. Please visit the intern page to see more details of the transformation of space.

EXPLORE: The Horse

The EXPLORE: The Horse is a multi disciplinary program that combined the love of horses with the observational process of drawing, painting and creating models in clay. This picture is encouraging keen observation to the horses form and structure with the aid of the painted horse.

Artful Naturalists create Dinosaurs

The Artful Naturalist Camp explores 2 and 3-d mediums to create works inspired by nature.

Wounded Warriors Community Mural

This project was presented at Great Meadow a few years ago. Canvas and paint supplied the public to participate and contribute to the mural that was aimed to inform about PTSD.

Family Program- Build a Dino!

This program paired a parent or caregiver with a child for an intensive 2 part workshop.

The Chimp Project

8 kids + a week + materials to create a life size chimp to bring home. This was a fun, productive and memorable camp for the campers.

Painting in a tent, Tanzania

Field painting does not get better than this! The inspiration and sights of the Serengeti and watercolors. I was a co-trip leader on two group family trips to Tanzania. I was providing observational exercises to enhance the trip and presenting demonstrations, drawing and water color sessions for all to join. This was a very special experience, especially when the locals joined us.

RAPP Flow Community Mural

A Community Project to build awareness of the clean water efforts in Rappahannock Virginia.

EXPLORE: The Horse, Clay

The EXPLORE: The Horse provides a 3-d opportunity to create what you see and feel.

Happy Intern, The Bow of the Ship

Here the intern, is gliding as the seagulls above the ship deck. Check out this intensive project on the intern page.

Brown-Wing Art Studios

Art Instruction for Adults, Families, Groups and Kids

Method & Foundational Skills

The foundation of Brown-Wing’s offerings are based upon observation and the development of artistic skills that encourage each individual student to think, feel, and express their creative visions. Kate teaches the principles of ‘academic’ drawing from observation, combined with her own methodical observational and drawing skills acquired while working as a scientific illustrator for world renowned scientists… and synthesizes the process into a fun, methodical process for all ages starting at 6years old.  


As a result, Kate provides unique sequence of instructions, designed to take the mystery and self-doubt out of the typically frustrating experience of drawing and turns it into education that provides empowering personal experiences and develops artistic skills. Once acquired, these foundational skills apply to many aspects of creative expressions and mediums.

The Results

As a result, Brown-Wing’s unique sequence of instructions, take the mystery and self-doubt out of the typically frustrating experience of drawing and turns it into an education that provides empowering personal experiences and develops artistic skills. Students gain confidence in their ability to communicate visually. Working though any frustrations with results with greater tenacity, knowing that the solution is there, as long as they are clear about the vision.

No cookie cutters

This is no pre-fab, cookie-cutout crafty fluff! It’s an opportunity to develop visual skills for communicating, describing and expressing oneself… with confidence. The skills do take practice and a commitment to learn, but once discovered, are powerful tools for students to apply to all educational experiences. Kate believes that creative expression is ‘core’ personal birthright. And that the skills to express oneself are available to everyone that can write the alphabet, it’s just a matter of instruction, practice and purpose.

Nancy Anderson

“Kate Brown-Wing has opened a door for me for which I never would have opened myself. I feel so lucky that I answered her Ad to ”DRAWING: The Horse.” Not only did I learn to draw horses, but with the instructions and the confidence she instilled in me, I am now drawing many other objects including the human figure.

I’m 67 years old and have never drawn a picture in my life; and now I can’t wait to sit down and draw.” Nancy Anderson, Warrenton, Virginia


Philip Lovejoy

“Kate is an accomplished artist and scientific illustrator who teaches at the museum, and has lead several family programs for us. (I can attest that she was incredible in Costa Rica last year, getting me to pick up the paint brush and create some ‘okay’ paintings!).”

Philip Lovejoy, Director of the Harvard Museum of Natural History Program, 11/99


Meredith Bean McMath

“Hiring Kate was one of the best decisions I made while Program Director of Round Hill Arts Center. She has a passion for teaching and a patience with her students that together form a welcome, comfortable environment for artistic creativity. As a result, her students grew as artists and thanked her with glowing evaluations.”

- Meredith McMath, Run Rabbit Run Productions, Inc.

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