The Family Travel Program

Well! These trips where the making of memories in so many ways. The travels were an opportunity to see rare and exotic places and animals in their environments. Brown-Wing as a co-trip leader, provided observational exercises and art demonstrations and classes throughout the trips. She encouraged the travelers to journal and document their observations and experiences in a range of mediums.

The trips were an opportunity to meet local people and children. On Brown-Wing’s trips she arranged to have a cross cultural exchange. In Tanzania, Brown-Wing invited an American 4-h group to gather art materials and school supplies, a microscope and books for her to bring to Tanzania and give to the school. The 4 H group also painted a canvas with a map of the world on it to gift to the Tanzanian school classroom.

In Costa Rica, Kate organized a cross cultural mural project on a local classroom wall. Teaming the American kids on the trip with the same number of local children, they work as a team to paint the wall. The children did not share the same language, but they shared their creative gifts to create a mural that provided the school with a ‘window’ and memories of a fun activity that bonded friends, and transformed a wall.