“Kate Brown-Wing has opened a door for me for which I never would have opened myself. I feel so lucky that I answered her ad for “Drawing the Horse.” Not only did I learn to draw horses, but with the instructions and the confidence Kate instilled in me, I am now drawing many other objects including the human figure. I am 67 years old and have never drawn a picture in my life—and now I can’t wait to sit down and draw.”
Nancy Anderson, Warrenton, Virginia


“Hiring Kate was one of the best decisions I made while Program Director of Round Hill Arts Center. She has a passion for teaching and a patience with her students that together form a welcome, comfortable environment for artistic creativity. As a result, her students grew as artists and thanked her with glowing evaluations.”                                    - Meredith McMath, Run Rabbit Run Productions, Inc.


Lori Langford

Potter/Owner at Big Dog Pots
Kate is a gifted and extraordinarily talented artist and teacher. Her commitment to patiently working with students is exemplary and her talents as an artist are unique and amazing to behold.

April 3, 2013, Lori was Kate’s client



“…I will be going to a Board meeting of the Bunting Institute and I shall tell —- —- about you. I do hope that you apply but I know that you realize that there are so many applicants that you may not win the kupie doll. But as far as I am concerned you just belong there. When you do apply, I will certainly recommend you.”                                              Maurine Rothschild, NY, NY

“Kate is an accomplished artist and scientic illustrator who teaches at the museum, and has lead several family programs for us. (I can attest that she was incredible in Costa Rica last year, getting me to pick up a paint brush and create some ‘okay’ paintings!).”                                                                                                                                                            Philip Lovejoy Director of the Harvard Museum of Natural History Travel Program, 11/99.

Jason Shriner

Marketing Manager for the City of Manassas Park, Department of Parks and Recreation
I recently had the pleasure of taking a sketching and watercolors private class with Kate and it was like being welcomed into a new world, a world that has always been in front of my eyes but I just didn’t know how to see it. As a food blogger I have come to understand how photography can influence my work especially in terms of marketing and many of the principles Kate explained in both sketching and painting with watercolors can easily apply to photography and even in cake decorating and plating up.

Despite what some people may think of bakers, I lack a lot of refined skills in fine arts so I was initially intimidated by what I was anticipating to be a difficult session. Kate was patient, encouraging, and nonjudgmental with me the whole time and inspired me to try new things and see the world differently. I never felt pressured to create perfect work and because of her style of teaching I felt I learned much more about sketching and watercolors as well as how to view the world around me with a more artistic eye.

As an instructor, I would recommend Kate to beginners and experts alike. I would describe her teaching style as inspiring and energizing and I firmly believe anybody interested in improving their skills with sketching or painting could really learn something from her.

Kate’s classes would be especially useful for individuals who are looking to reignite their artistic passion or people who wish to find where stress relief and creative expression meet. Working with Kate felt meditative and relaxing. It was the first time in ages I have been able to focus my mind solely on one activity silencing the hectic thoughts that hound me daily. Thank you Kate for inviting me to your world! I hope you don’t mind me visiting it more often!less

July 1, 2013, Jason was Kate’s client

“Just before I graduated from Harding University with a BS in Fine Arts, I participated in a college internship program with Kate Brown-Wing of The Brown-Wing Studio. I could not have found a better person to intern with! Every day was an adventure! The students I worked with were energetic and ready to learn. Not to mention Kate, who was willing to sit and talk with me after class hours. While interning, I was able to prepare lessons and projects for the students, use art as therapy, as well as do extensive mural work and develop personal skills. While working with Kate I was able to discover my love for the preparation of exhibitions and color theory! It is evident that Kate has an enthusiastic passion for art and life!”
Leslie Stackpole, Warrenton, Virginia

“Kate directed the class in specific stages that introduced techniques and mediums. Her method built my confidence in my capacity to paint. Even though at times I was uncertain and even uncomfortable—Kate gave me the skills needed to work through those times with a methodical and supportive process. I created my first botanical painting and though I am usually very critical—I love the painting I created! Brown-Wing’s Botanical Painting Class was encouraging and uplifting!”
Cathy Ryon, Warrenton, Virginia