Classes, Workshops and Camps

Kindle your creative fire!

Learning the Foundations of Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting Orchids in a Greenhouse

A community Mural Project for Rapp. Flow, to educate and build awareness about their Clean Water Initiative.

Combining Art with Science, learning about invertebrate eco-skeletons.

Interns transforming church space into the deck of a ship.

The Chimp Project, making life size chimps to GO!

Artful Naturalist Camp, Building Dinosaurs

Family Classes, teaming a parent or caregiver with their child for 2 sessions of creating art and memories!

EXPLORE: The Horse, a multi-disciplinary program combining the love of horses and art.

Brown-Wing demonstrating at the Museum of Natural History Open House.


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• TECHNICAL DRAWING: “Biological Forms”
• DRAWING: “The Horse 2 & 3″
• DRAWING & PAINTING: “Botanical Study”
• TECHNIQUE: “Scientific Illustration 1 & 2”
• WORKSHOP: “The Business of Illustration”


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• DRAWING: “Foundation Drawing Skills”
• PLEINE AIRE: “The Landscape”
• JOURNALING: “Mixing Media”
• DRAWING and PAINTING: “The Flower & The Botanical”
• TECHNIQUE: “Pen and Ink”
• TECHNIQUE: “The Colored Pencil ”
• TECHNIQUE: “ Watercolor and Nature Studies”
• ILLUSTRATION: “The Children’s Picture Book”

Introduction to Foundation Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Sculpture

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• Nature Journaling
• Bones, Bones and more Bones
• Flower Power
• Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies
• Creatures of the Coral Reef
• Paper Arts

A parent/ or caregiver and child -teamed to create together in a one session intensive workshop.

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• Build T-rex
• Building animals, (contrast and study of body forms)
• Building Flowers
• Mask and Puppetmaking
• Aesops Fables, illustrated

Explore: The Horse

This program offers a unique opportunity to combine your love of art and horses.  Click here to see more about this unique program.



Opportunities to learn skills from a pro! Click here for more information and visuals from the interns.

Family Travel-

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As co-trip leader Kate Brown-Wing  traveled abroad and worked with small groups and families for the Harvard University Museums Public Programs and Travel Program. She would journal, paint, photograph and also demonstrate techniques for field painting and provide naturalists tips. The observational exercises encouraged keen observations. The groups were encouraged to journal, paint, draw, photograph and capture their experience on paper. The process of documenting the experiences, enriched the trips and memories for years to follow.

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