Providing art foundations to empower visual communication & confident creative expression!

I assists kids to stake a flag as creative beings in the ground! The need for kids to claim their creative birth-right is my first objective. I encourage them to be recognize their creative thoughts and interests as their personal resource for making art and being able to communicate visually. The techniques that I teach are founded upon observational drawing and rendering, serving as their vehicle for expression. Once the drawing process is demystified, students are able to synthesize what they see to paper, once they have the fundamentals of drawing they are not bound by their observations, but can them create images of their imagination.


The Method:

I teach kids the same techniques that I teach adults. Observation, basic drawing techniques, foundational visual communication skills and then application of mediums. I introduce the class instructions and demonstrations in short, easy to follow directions, and I allow time for practice and encourage experimentation with materials. I don’t focus on speed or finished results as much as process. I assist the student to identify his or her vision and establish a plan and method of techniques to accomplish the work.

The Kids:

6 - 18 years of age

The kids are introduced to art techniques and mediums in a fun and engaging process. I make a safe to explore and express (within reason) non- competitive learning environment. Students are encouraged to observe, think, feel and plan each work. I ask them to talk about their vision and plan for independent projects.

 I believe that setting the stage for a healthy group class to create requires that students be free to explore with regard for their work and others. I encourage independent thinking and respectful cooperative team work for group projects. In class, I do not compare student works and encourage students to refrain from comparing to others in the class. With the combined class structure and methods introduced, the artistic results and student confidence blossoms.

Click here to see the Chimp Project.

Click here to see Family Classes. We team a parent or caregiver for an intensive 1 or 2 session workshop to create some amazing results and experiences that form a playful bond with creativity and family members.

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Click here to see the Family Travel Programs.  Taking all the combined art experience and teachings on the road for small group travel abroad. Enriching the travel experience with combination of nature and art.

Click here to see the EXPLORE: The Horse Program. This offering is a multi-disciplinary combining the love an beauty of horses with methodical observations and creations of drawings, paintings and sculptures. The results are a transformative  experience of the process of seeing, and synthesizing the observations into art that informs about the form and structures of the horse.

The Experience

The group classes are opportunities to think, create and learn about the process of creating 2 and 3 dimensional works. I emphasize the concept that everyone can and should create, as a birthright. The processes are encouraged to be thoughtful, challenging, productive and enjoyable. Students build a range of artistic skills and  practice the mediums. Students work independently and at times in cooperative groups. I assist students to find, nourish and value their creative “pulse”. 

The Results!

Nature Journal Workshop

Fish, Watercolor, Chris S. age 8

3-D Dragonflies, Katie and Mike, ages 10-12

Colored Pencils of paper, Jane B. age 12

3-D Butterfly, ages 6-10

Diorama, Summer Camp, ages 6-12

Drawing and Watercolor, Masked figure, Stephan G. age 12

Family Program: T-Rex Project

Charcoal T-Rex, Brad Y. age 10

Build a windmill, Katie and camp kids ages 6-12

Watercolor butterflies, Emily age 7

Board Game, A Trip to the Sun, watercolor, age 10

Flower Botanical Watercolor, age 9

Build a Chimp Camp, ages 7-12

Pastel Sunflower. Jane B. age 12

Paper cut, Ericka G. age 14

Copy of master painting, acrylic, Mary age 15

Drawing of butterfly Kindergarten

Pen and ink, Jade age 11

Printmaking on T-shirts Artful Naturalist Camp, ages 6-12

Pen and ink playing card, King of Clubs, age 11

Nature Collage, mixed media, ages 7-8

Old city building, Stephan G. age 11

Watercolor of Beta fish, Stephan G. age 11

Build a puppet workshop, ages 6-12