Artful Naturalist Family Workshops

In this one or two session intensive workshops we teamed a parent/ or caregiver with a child and created amazing sculptures that combined education of basic body structures with fun art techniques and mediums.

Build a Vertebrate from the Inside Out!

In this one session workshop we started with the skeletal system and added layers of clay to build a lizard.

Build A Turtle

In this two session workshop, we built the shell and body of a turtle with plaster of paris and finished it with paint!

“It’s always inspiring to have a professional in the field teaching. A professional who happens to love teaching is great exposure for the kids.”

Build a Dino Family Team

This workshop was FUN! Both parents assisted their two sons to create this T-Rex. Armature was provided and instructional steps to build this clay dinosaur.

The I was developing and offering these works shops I did not realize where they would take me… click here to see.

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