The Internships

“I was asked to consider taking an intern for six weeks and to provide her with a glimpse into like of a working artist. Meet Lesley Stockpile, a talented woman heading into her forth year of college at Harding University.

I agreed to offer her the internship, however for the limited time and effort required to provide her with a range of experiences and a real taste of working as a professional, I wanted to make the most of the time. I decided to take on two additional interns. With three interns, I made sure that we produced! We accomplished quite a bit through the busy  weeks. It was a pleasure to see Lesley stretch into more artistic confidence and maturity.”   Kate Brown-Wing

Lesley worked as an assistant for me during weekly art classes for both children and adults and helped me organize my studio. She also presented her portfolio to the fellow interns, providing explanations of her objectives, challenges and accomplishments.

We created several back drops for a local children’s theater group. Both of the group community projects required a range of skills, limited resources and tight deadlines, just as she might find if working in the field.

Lesley also had a teaching session with a client of mine, Philip, a 15 year old boy with autism. Philip LOVES art and Lesley was sensitive, playful and had a wonderful manner of working with Philip.

At Lesley’s church, we created a stage for the Bible School that resembled a ship, complete with rigging and seagulls.

Making Waves: A Vacation Bible School Set-
This was a collaborative effort for the interns, our team designed and painted the backdrop and set, then the youth membership, helped with some of the details, hanging seagulls from the ceiling, installation of rigging and some finish paining on the set.

This project required team coordination and communications skills, resourceful use of materials and a timeline that was non-negotiable. Over several weeks we worked on this set and as a result, the interns learned about collaboration, time management, and how to work to scale. This was a confidence builder for them as they could see the results, the church membership was very impressed with the results and truly appreciated the efforts that the team made to make the Camp a success.

“Just before I graduated from Harding University with a BS in Fine Arts, I participated in a college internship program with Kate Brown-Wing of The Brown-Wing Studio. I could not have found a better person to intern with! Every day was an adventure!

The students I worked with were energetic and ready to learn. Not to mention Kate, who was willing to sit and talk with me after class hours. While interning, I was able to prepare lessons and projects for the students, use art as therapy, as well as do extensive mural work and develop personal skills.

While working with Kate I was able to discover my love for the preparation of exhibitions and color theory! It is evident that Kate has an enthusiastic passion for art and life!”
Leslie Stackpole, Warrenton, Virginia

After the internship Lesley returned to school with new skills and perspectives about working with her artistic skills. I traveled to Harding in the spring to see Lesley’s Senior show.